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 Guangzhou ChinaRay optoelectronic materials co., LTD. as a subsidiary of TCL group was registered in February 2014, with a ¥30 million capitalization. Based on market demands of the OLED display panel, we are committed to develop new materials and systematic solutions to promote industrialization of the OLED materials.
Since its origin, company has been working on the research and development of printed OLED materials, already accumulated a great amount of experience and wealth of independent intellectual property which consisted of about 500 new materials. We have more than 110 issued patents, and 70 percent of those are PCT patents.
ChinaRay optoelectronic which is the director unit of Guangzhou new display collaborative innovation alliance and Guangdong printing display technology innovation alliance, actively cooperate with the state and province about the development strategy of the new materials research and development. Our company introduced the Guangdong innovation team in 2015. In 2016, we participated in the key projects of two national key research and development plans, and established the Guangzhou enterprise research and development institution which was approved as a postdoctoral innovation practice base. In 2017, the Guangzhou innovation team was introduced to lead an industrialization demonstration project of national key research and development plan. In addition, our team led and participated in several science and technology projects of province and city. It is a new driving force for scientific research, talent accumulation, achievements transformation and better quality and efficiency.