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The third Hua Rui Optoelectronics Academic Exchange Festival smoothly

After China Rui photoelectric arrangements and careful preparation, following the successful holding of two academic exchanges, the third Hua Rui photoelectric academic exchange festival on June 7 smoothly.

      At the exchange festival, Pan Junyou, general manager of Guangzhou Huarui Optoelectronic Materials Co., Ltd. and Liu Chongxiao, general manager of South China New Materials Innovation Park made speeches and expressed his support and congratulation for this academic exchange festival.

      Six experts and professors from various research institutes and universities gave us a front-line information on the OLED industry and their respective research reports. They exchanged views with colleagues on the scene to conduct in-depth discussions on various aspects. Both the experts on stage and the audience, have benefited.

      This exchange meeting not only strengthened the relationship between Hua Rui Optoelectronics and various research institutes and universities, but more importantly, let Hua Rui photoelectric colleagues have absorbed a wealth of knowledge, and learned a lot of cutting-edge information to be able to stand on the giant On the shoulders, get more achievements at work.