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JOLED will show a 55-inch ink-jet OLED TV next month

    JOLED, a japan-based printing OLED developer, has announced it will display a 55-inch 4K printed OLED TV during Finetech Japan 2018 ( Dec 5~7, 2018). JOLED will also show its proprietary printing OLED manufacturing technology. Just a few weeks ago, JOLED announced an agreement with Panasonic and Screen Finetech to develop, manufacture and sell printing equipment together. 
This is the first time JOLED has launched a 55-inch OLED prototype (it did include TVS in its future roadmap, released in July 2018). JOLED said there are no current plans to produce large-sized OLED, and the forthcoming TV prototype is only for display of JOLED's printing technology. 
   In addition, JOLED will also exhibit a series of medium OLED, including rigid and flexible OLED. 
In December 2017, JOLED began commercial production of 21.6 inch 4K OLED panels in small batches on the company's 4.5 generation test line.JOLED has announced plans to build a mass production line of 5.5 genera by 2020 in nengmei, ishikawa prefecture. 
   In August 2018, JOLED raised about $400 million from four new investors - auto parts maker Denso ($270 million), major trading company Toyota Tsusho ($90 million) and Sumitomo Chemical and Screen Holdings.(source: Gale)
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