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Chinaray is the Light of Hope

Chinaray won the honor of Light of Hope -- top ten innovative enterprises in the (3rd) China Science and Technology Innovation Summit and 2019 innovation China award ceremony.
On December 14, Chinaray was invited to attend the third China Science and Technology Innovation Summit hosted by Jinan University under the supporting of China Association for the promotion of high technology industry development and Guangdong Provincial Department of science and technology. This forum focuses on the theme of "Wisdom Collected for the Future of Bay Area", and discusses the development trend and ecology of the bay area.
Many institution were represented at the meeting. Song Xianzhong, President of Jinan University; Zhou Mutang, deputy inspector of the Guangdong provincial science and Technology Department, vice president of Hong Kong, vice chairman and Secretary General of China high tech Industry Development Association; Zhang Jingfang, director of the Research Institute of Guangdong Bay and Guangdong Bay, director of the Economic Committee of Guangdong provincial CPPCC; Wang Jun of the dean of Social Sciences,;Jinan University, "one belt road" of Jinan University, and Hu Jun, Dean of the Research Institute of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau. Zhang Yaohui, chairman of Guangdong Creative Economy Research Association, Dean of School of entrepreneurship of Jinan University, Wang Zhiyun, Dean of Tech-way innovation and Development Research Institute and other experts.
The forum discussed China's scientific and technological innovation and the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area from every aspect. The keynote speeches of the Way of Innovation in Chinese Traditional Culture; Future of the Bay Area - the Great Power of High-quality Development; New Leadership: Cultivating the Pioneers of Global Innovation and Change revealed the road of China's scientific and technological innovation, which is for the development of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area Make suggestions.

After that, the forum launched a round table discussion on the theme of "release the vitality of innovation and development in the Bay Area - exploring the path of high-quality development of enterprises in the bay area". Seven guests made in-depth discussions and suggestions on how to promote high-quality development through scientific and technological innovation and the role of the government, enterprises, universities and associations under high-quality development.
Those who are science and technology workers, and typical innovative people and innovative enterprises who have made outstanding contributions in the field of science and technology innovation, encourage and carry forward the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, and fine example, will accept their honor in this forum. In 2019, the Innovation China Award ceremony respectively awarded the eternal ingenuity - Top 10 Outstanding Scientific And Technological Workers, Congealing Heart Casting Industry - Top 10 Scientific And Technological Innovation Figures And Light Of Hope - Top 10 Innovative Enterprises Awards. Our company has the honor of light of Hope - Top ten innovative enterprises.